Here to share my whole health and wellness journey in hopes to inspire to be the best version of YOU. 

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Meditation is a mental concentration practice used to clear ones mind and stabilize emotions. 

Meditation is a practice not a religion

Many people are skeptical of meditating because they associate it with religion or being to woo-woo.

I wasn't bought in at first either, but I was having serious problems staying focused during work meetings that I needed help! My brain would go every which way, but the present during conversations and meetings. Thoughts like "what am I going to have for lunch" and what should I do this weekend?" would flow through my mind. I would feel so guilty about not being an active listener, but just didn't know how to stop it... until I started meditating consistently. 

I meditated for the first time just shy of 2 years ago. I picked it up and would do it for a few days, but never made it a daily practice until about 40 days ago. Just from the last month of consistency I have seen the following benefits. 


  • More energy throughout the day

  • More compassion for those around me

  • Less headaches from stress

  • More interaction and connection with those around me. I find myself wanting to talk to strangers more too!

  • More feelings of joy throughout the day

  • More clarity and decisiveness at work and in my personal life

  • More concentration at work 

  • More to come... :)

Meditation Guide for Beginners

  • App > Headspace: This is by far my favorite app. The beginner meditation package has 10 sessions, each 10 minutes and they are FREE and will get you hooked! This is the app that I have been using consistently for the last 30+ days).
  • App > Provata - VR Health: A super awesome app that lets you pick a destination to meditate at and allows you to focus on different topics (i.e. calm, focus, anxiety, etc.). You can choose a meditation as short as 2 minutes, so I have used this one between work meetings in the car or before I go to bed to calm me down ready me for sleep. 
  • Video > Deepak Chopra Morning Meditation:  Deepak is the meditation OG! Pretty much any meditation you watch/listen of his is amazing.

Now go give it a few tries and get ready for your life to change!!!

xoxo Bekah