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(006) How to Become Your Greatest Possible Self with Chris Burns

Today’s guest is Chris Burns and he is known in the personal development community as "America's #1 Motivational Speaker for FIERY INSPIRATION!" aka Mr. Heart Fire". Chris is also known online as the host of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Weekly 12 Hour Long Facebook Live Streamed Marathon and Podcast. Chris shares so much knowledge, wisdom, and tangible tips and tricks to help YOU also become your greatest possible self!

On this episode we dive into the following topics:

- Hitting Rock Bottom

- Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

- Finding Your Own Path

- Doing the Internal Work

- How to Live an Extraordinary Life

*Guest: Chris Burns

Instagram: @beyourgps (http://www.instagram.com/beyourgps)

Website: www.beyourgps.com

*Host: Bekah Komar

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