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(004) Kaley Korfike (Law Attraction/Spirituality/Finding Your Purpose)

Today’s guest is Kaley Korfike who health and nutrition coach and fellow podcaster! Kaley has the kindest heart and full of so much wisdom. She she so effortlessly explains concepts that are can be hard to comprehend for most of us, as you will hear in this episode when she explain what Law of Attraction really is.

On this episode we dive into the following topics:

  • Dealing with Insecurity and Lack of Confidence

  • Finding Your Fire Within

  • Spirituality

  • Law of Attraction/Manifestation

Hope you all enjoy it!

xoxo Bekah

*Guest: Kaley Korfike

Instagram: @kinetic_kaley (http://www.instagram.com/kinetic_kaley)

*Host: Bekah Komar

Instagram: @bekahkomar (http://www.instagram.com/bekahkomar)

Website: www.bekahkomar.com

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