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If you are reading this you most likely love self help, personal development, inspirational, motivational and/or spiritual books like me! This book incorporates ALL of those things.


I usually listen to Audio books because I am a slow reader. Though, I purchased this book at Danette May’s event, The Rise, and so I strong armed myself into reading a paperback book. So glad I did though, because there are plenty of doggy eared pages that I will be revisiting. I ended up reading the whole book in a little over three sittings (which is unheard of for me!).

This book will fly by for you, it is that good you won’t be able to put it down!

Danette talks about it ALL in this book. She holds nothing back. She talks about everything from…

  • Marrying the wrong person

  • Loosing a child

  • Getting a divorce

  • Attempting suicide

  • Being a single mom

  • Disapproval from parents

  • Listening to your intuition

  • Finding your soul mate

  • Building your business from nothing

  • Healing your body

  • Finding true friendship

  • Sexuality and self-love

  • Going to those deep/dark places

  • Forgiving people

  • Transforming and coming out on the other side

I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but would like share my main takeaways.

  • Trusting your body - She talks honestly and openly about how she was a virgin when got married and her first husband and through the duration of their marriage sex was painful for her. But when we remarried to her now husband, Craig, sex was actually pleasurable and enjoyable. The reason this one resonated with me so much is because quite honestly I had been thinking that maybe I’m just not good at sex or just don’t desire it as much as other, but this really gave me hope. It really is true that our bodies give us messages and signal. Also as women, we don’t talk about sex enough, and I know so many of us suffer in one way or another with our sexuality and sex life, so here is your invitation to start talking about it. :)

“Our bodies are constantly speaking to us, and they never lie! If something doesn’t feel right in your body, then it isn’t right. That moment, when I went from painful to ecstatic sex, allowed me to trust the messages I receive from my body.” - The Rise, Danette May

  • The power of our words - Research has proven that our words make an impact at a molecular level. That is why you keep hearing about positivity and positive thoughts. It’s not just a hoax, it truly impacts our bodies.

  • “Forgiveness is the greatest act of self-love we can give ourselves” and it is ultimately our path to freedom.

  • The power of friendship - Danette talks about how she isolated herself for so long and went through the divorce and loss of her son all alone with out any close friends. This topic struck a cord for me, because for the last 3 or so years, I really stopped nurturing old friendships and cultivating now ones and thought I could do it alone, but alone is quite lonely! There are women yearning for connection all around us and beautiful things happen when we connect with other soul sisters; we rise up together. I saw and experienced this first hand at Danette’s event, The Rise (in October 2018) where over a thousand women gathered together with immense vulnerability, love and support and some truly magical breakthroughs happened for every single woman that attended. Since then, in the last two months, I have made 4 new amazingly strong friendships with women who are willing to have deep, raw and truth telling conversations.

There are so many other takeaways, but I don’t want to give the whole book away.

Soooo… If you’re ready to let go of past pain, trauma, hurt and old stories and RISE UP and become the best version of you, then this book is definitely for you.

Happy Reading!

xoxo Bekah